The Local Hub, Glenbrohane

Kilmallock, Limerick
Raised of €100 goal
raised of €100 goal

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About this group

Our Projects Vision The people of Glenbrohane and the surrounding areas feel connected with others living in the area. There is a sense of social connectedness as a result of frequent opportunities for people to meet others and the range of activities and events available. There is a reduction in rural and social isolation in Glenbrohane and the surrounding areas. The quality of life and well being experienced by the people in Glenbrohane and the surrounding areas is improved. Mission Statement 1. To promote a sense of social connectedness within the community 2. To endeavour to ensure people in the community do not feel socially isolated by providing a meeting place and ancillary services open to all. 3. To reduce and or counteract any negative affect rural isolation may have had on the mental health and well-being of people living in our community. 4. To improve the well-being and mental health of people living in the community. Aims The aim of our project is to create a community facility which will address rural/social isolation in our area.

Reasons to support this group

  • We want to address social isolation in our community.
  • We want to reduce and counteract the negative impact on peoples mental health and well being of social isolation.
  • We want to create a focal point in our rural community where people can drop in to if they are feeling lonely.