Greystones, Wicklow
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raised of €250 goal

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About this group

Teen-Turn is a non-profit, volunteer-led initiative that works with organisations throughout Ireland to provide STEM career role models and hands-on experience to teen girls from underrepresented communities in order to address industry social inclusion, gender disparity and skills shortage challenges. What distinguishes Teen-Turn is its focus on long-term interactions which include work placement and afterschool programming, and the creation of networks amongst mentors and mentees.

Reasons to support this group

  • The population of entrants to higher education is not representative of the general population in Ireland. Studies indicate that when access to higher education is not distributed equitably, the excluded groups experience lower employment, lesser earnings, and poorer health. Teen-Turn demonstrates firsthand what raised academic aspirations can achieve and works with schools to inform on career pathways and entry routes to higher education.
  • With 6 to 7% of technical careers being filled by women, there is an absence of female role models and little information available about gaining entry into the industry. Teen-Turn provides female role models and hands-on, practical experience to girls in technology in order to encourage girls to participate in technology courses, to open minds on both sides--the corporate and community, and to change perceptions about access to equal employment.
  • The Forfás Expert Group on Future Skills Needs identifies that Irish companies will have an estimated 44,500 job openings for people with high level ICT skills over the next six years. By working with both schools and companies, Teen-Turn is positioned to develop a local talent pool of tech-skilled women from which to draw in the future and create equality of opportunity in disadvantaged areas where only a small number of residents are employees of neighboring technology companies.