Smithfield Boxing Club

Dublin 7, Dublin
Raised of €400 goal
raised of €400 goal

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About this group

Smithfield Boxing Club has a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic membership of c.80 people, most of whom are of the local community. The majority of our younger members are from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. The club provides them with routes to belonging, physical literacy & self-esteem building. For our adult members, the club provides routes to return to sport (or competive boxing) as well as a supportive community. We are involved with our local community via the PPN & Stoneybatter Festival.

Reasons to support this group

  • We are a young, and ethnically diverse club which seeks to promote cross-community engagement through sport. Our members are drawn from 12 nationalities and a wide range of cultural traditions. We utilise our sport as a way to spark cross-cultural curiosity and understanding among our young people. We also actively facilitate training and competition based travel to countries including Ukraine, Latvia & Russia, countries which our young people wouldn't, ordinarily, have the opportunity to visit.
  • Building well-being is a key part of who we are at Smithfield Boxing Club. Young people need a safe space in which to be supported in laying a foundation for life-long resilience, and confidence in their sporting & physical abilities, emotional intelligence and self-esteem. Enabling physical literacy in an environment where all members are equal, and equally valued, ensures that all of our young have the opportunity to achieve their potential.
  • We believe passionately in supporting women in sport. We have a strong team of competitive female boxers, ranging in age from 12 to Senior Elite level. We have an acute understanding of the "if you can't see it, you can't be it" concept & are in the process of increasing the number of women coaches by 300%. Our experienced competive female boxers are actively involved in coaching our youngest class, which is over 50% female. We aim to ensure these girls grow a life-long love of sport and fitness