Rainbow Club Cork Centre for Autism

Cork, Cork
Raised of €800 goal
raised of €800 goal

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About this group

We have designed and successfully rolled out an ASD sports programme catering for children with Autism called Rainbow Superstars. We have 408 children attend our club each week and we are hoping to add more days. This helps and supports every child and is specific to their individual needs and is at their pace. This allows them to access and participate in sport; enjoy it, build on weaknesses, intolerance to sensory difficuties, building core and gross motor building confidence & self esteem.

Reasons to support this group

  • We are the first of its kind, unique & tailored for children & teens with Autism. We have our three stages, starting at co ordination & balance allowing the child to engage and take part. We focus on the communication & getting them relaxed and coping. Once this stage has been achieved they move to the next group focusing on turn taking, rules, interacting with others , then after this they do a specific sports skill for 8 weeks. Not every child will proceed depending on their ability.
  • We have built our own program that caters for each child’s needs and their ability. Every child learns differently and some with difficulties will remain in the first group working on gross motor, core & balance work. This is catered to each child and once settled and supported we do work 1/1 with them to build confidence in the activity, tolerance to others and how to share, turn take and work together and we also bring parents in to educate them on how best to support their child at home.
  • We promote inclusion - bringing our older teens in as volunteers under our mentorship program and training them also in the ability to then seek certification in sporting areas. It also gives them an opportunity to support younger children & build their confidence and self esteem for themselves. We now have three mentors vetted and certified in adaptive judo and FAI football for all, with our leaders supporting them. Our hope is to put more young adults through here as they grow up in this club