Irish Aerial Creation Centre

Limerick, Limerick
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raised of €500 goal

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About this group

The Irish Aerial Creation Centre is one of the newest additions to Limerick’s vibrant artistic landscape. Modelled on Cirque du Soleil’s IHQ Creation Studio in Montreal, the IACC is a creation centre for professional artists to train and develop aerial work, and hosts Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company as core residents. As well as weekly classes and workshops for the public, IACC teachers facilitate the University of Limerick’s taught modules in aerial dance.

Reasons to support this group

  • The IACC provides an alternative educational route. For youth interested in dance and the creative arts the IACC are currently working with the University of Limerick with the view to developing an MA in aerial arts.
  • The IACC is a place for people of all ages to unleash their creative side and literally fly. It is place where people of all ages can feel safe to learn a new skill and gain confidence, build strength and improve their physical and mental health.
  • The aerial arts in Ireland is rapidly growing in popularity. The IACC attracts people to Limerick Clare and the surrounding regions. It runs programs for national and international artists and is involved in several European partnerships bringing awareness of limerick, Co.Clare and its surroundings to other European cities. It is aptly placed to promote Limerick worldwide and provide a positive experience in peoples hearts and minds of this community.