Inline Hockey Ireland

Parkgate, Cork
Raised of €2,000 goal
raised of €2,000 goal

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About this group

Inline Hockey Ireland (IHI) is the national governing body for Inline Hockey in Ireland, both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. We organise both domestic competitions and national programmes, both of which are continuing to grow. Being a non-traditional sport in Ireland we have a wide demographic of playing members, some of whom have little interest in the more traditional sports. We are therefore providing exercise opportunities to those that may not be interested in sport otherwise. We also bring together people from all corners of Ireland to enjoy sport together.

Reasons to support this group

  • Dedication - All our members are dedicated to their sport. With there being only a handful of venues capable of hosting games in Ireland it means early starts and long trips to enjoy the sport they love.
  • Sportsmanship/Social - While players are all competitive when playing, off the rink there are many many friendships between teams as players enjoy the sport together. There is a realisation that by playing inline hockey they are part of the global hockey family.
  • Costs - Being a sport a bit different and unique it can be harder to get into and start. We along with our member clubs want to ensure there is the opportunity for all to give inline hockey a try!