Enfield Celtic Football Club (ECFC)

Meath, Leinster
Raised of €500 goal
raised of €500 goal

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About this group

Enfield Celtic Football Club exists for the sole purpose of developing and promoting the sport of soccer in the Enfield area and its environs. To the best of our ability, we will provide our young boys and girls with coaching, training and playing facilities that will be the envy of all. We will welcome everyone, whether they wish to play, coach, or simply support the club and members. We create and foster an environment of respect, learning development between players, coaches and parents. With 12 underage & 2 senior teams, ranging from age 4 to adults, the club is an integral part of our local community.

Reasons to support this group

  • ECFC have worked hard over the years to meet requirements of all enthusiasts of soccer in Enfield and immediate locale by providing the training, playing areas/pitches and ancillary facilities expected. Development of our facilities to date include our playing pitches, clubhouse and carpark. We have proven as a club that we have a hard working committee, dedicated volunteers helping within the club and continue to try to better our facilities and expertise in terms of training for managers and coaches.
  • We continue to enhance the level of facilities, including additional training and pitch areas etc to a standard that will ensure that all within Enfield and its environs will regards Enfield Celtic FC as their club of choice, for themselves or their children.
  • We strive to establish Enfield Celtic FC as a “Centre of Excellence” for underage and youth soccer in the South Meath areas. Allied to this, the established standards for members of the club in relation to their training, their playing and their coaching expectations will be subject to ongoing review and improvement.