Where did the Thirst For Better idea come from?

We’re all fuelled by a thirst. A thirst to live the best life we can live. But sometimes, we need help to unlock that better version of ourselves. At Deep RiverRock, we want to empower people across the island of Ireland to live their life to its fullest, in a way that enriches the world for all of us.

That’s the motivating force behind Thirst For Better.

Thirst For Better is a way of thinking about the world that celebrates and supports the passion that powers our communities.

How can Community Groups across the island benefit from Thirst For Better?

The new Thirst For Better bottles include a unique code on the reverse of the label. These unique codes can be entered into the website and redeemed for real money for your communities. These donations will help fund and support community group projects all over the island, supporting the passion that powers our communities.

So why should I get involved?

When you Thirst For Better we all Thirst For Better; living life to its fullest, in a way that enriches the world for all of us.

If you’re in a community group, have one close or just fancy doing your bit, you can support communities that make things happen and have a little fun along the way.

You can track the impact your donations make in the leaderboard, supporting your favourite groups to get to the top.

I want to Thirst For Better too

The island of Ireland is vibrant and diverse with a kindred community group out there for everyone. You can find all of the groups registered here (click link) or register a group yourself.

Remember, we can only Thirst For Better, together so make sure to share with your friends and help community groups across the country continue to power their passions.